NCISS Incident Scoring Demo

This tool is intended to be a reference implementation for the National Cyber Incident Scoring System. It is recommended that organizations tailor the options and values in this tool to meet organizational operational needs and risk evaluation. While the methodology described here matches CISA's internal system, CISA's specific configuration differs from this example. Configurations in this example are notional and not representative of CISA or DHS analysis.

Select Options to Update Score

Make selections for each scoring option and the score will update automatically. Please note that the default options are counted as 0 and the score will not be accurate until selections are made for all options. Click on category names (e.g. Functional Impact, Observed Activity, etc.) to view help text. To reconfigure the options, see the next section below.
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Demo Configuration

This section allows you to dynamically configure the scoring example. Each textarea contains JSON structured text that dynamically configures the system to your specifications. You can change values and add/remove criteria but each criteria needs to use the same format. Press the "Load Updated Configurations" button to load the configuration into the example.

Categories Configuration

Color Codes Configuration

Calculated Score

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