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Alert (SA06-032A)

Winamp Playlist Vulnerability

Systems Affected

  • Microsoft Windows systems that have Winamp installed.


Winamp, a popular media player, has a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take control of your system. Upgrading to the latest version of Winamp will take care of this vulnerability.


Install an Update

You can download and install Winamp 5.2 to avoid the vulnerability.


A vulnerability in Winamp 5.13, and possibly in earlier versions, allows an attacker to run malicious code on your system when you open a playlist file. This malicious code could also be embedded in a web page, and could execute, without your knowledge, when you visit a malicious web page or open an HTML document.

For more technical information, see US-CERT Technical Alert TA06-032A.



Revision History

  • February 1, 2006: Initial release
    February 23, 2006: Changed Winamp version to 5.2

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