Agenda-Available Presentations 2014 ICSJWG Fall Meeting

The following is a representation of the final agenda at the ICSJWG 2014 Fall Meeting in Idaho Falls, ID.
Presentations released by presenters for distribution are shown in bold. These documents are ‘as received’ from the respective authors, who have released them for public distribution but may retain copyright of some or all of the presentation matter. Please contact the respective author(s) for additional information regarding specific rights retained. Content and opinions are those of the author(s) and do not represent DHS opinions, endorsements, or recommendations.
The advice and instructions provided in the attached are provided as is, with no warranties, and should be confirmed and tested prior to implementation, as applicable.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Marty Edwards
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, Director
Tim Roxey
North American Electric Reliability Corporation, 
Chief Security Officer
Electricity Sector-Information Sharing and Analysis Center,  Senior Director
Neil Hershfield
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, Deputy Director
Keynote Address (Not Available)
Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity & Communications
Andy Ozment
What Is on My Operational Control Network and How Did That Get There? Lessons from a Public Utility Evaluation (Not Available)
Dr. Jonathan Butts, Fox Three
Michael Glover, Fox Three
Defense in Depth Designed for Current Risk Models (Available)
Dr. Art Conklin, University of Houston College of Technology
Whitelisting vs Blacklisting: Can’t We All Just Get Along? (Available)
Dennis Murphy, Elbit Systems of America
How Do I Know If I’ve Already Been Owned? (Available)
Gib Sorebo, Leidos
Cybersecurity Procurement Language for Energy Delivery Systems: A New Approach (Available)
Clifford Glantz, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
An International Perspective on Security and Compliance (Available)
Lior Frenkel, Waterfall Security Solutions
Andrew Ginter, Waterfall Security Solutions
Lunch & Learn: Grid Reliability and Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards (Not Available)
Dr. Marlene Ladendorff, Idaho National Laboratory
Whitelisting Technology Which Considers Attack Vectors and System Complexity on Industrial Control Systems (Available)
Dr. Kuniyasu Suzaki, Japan, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Makoto Kiuchi, Japan, Control Systems Security Center
Hidenobu Seki, Japan,  Control Systems Security Center
Yoshiaki Komoriya, Japan, Control Systems Security Center
Scalability of ICS Cybersecurity: Case Studies, Adaptation of the Purdue Model, and Growth Path for Large Scale, Multi-Site Production Facilities (Available)
Michael Coden, NextNine
Pete MacLeod, Accenture
Impacts on ICS Security from using the Oil and Natural Gas Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (Not Available)
Jim Linn, American Gas Association
Walt Grudzinski, Vectren Corporation
Rob Mims, AGL Resources
Demonstration: ICS Interactive Missions (Not Available)
Matthew Luallen, CYBATI
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Day 2 Welcome & Opening Remarks (Not Available)
Neil Hershfield
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
ICS-CERT, Deputy Director
Keynote Address:  Outgoing Private-Sector ICSJWG Co-Chair (Not Available)
Mike Assante for Tim Roxey, North American Electric Reliability Corporation, Chief Security Officer
Unclassified Threat Briefing (Not Available)
Marty Edwards, Director, ICS-CERT
Presentation and Demo: Latest Version of the Cybersecurity Evaluation Tool (CSET®) (Not Available)
Barry Hansen, Idaho National Laboratory
Lunch & Learn: Demonstration of the Newest CSET® Tool with DODI 8500/8510 and NIST SP 800-82 (Available)
Dr. Michael Chipley, PMC Group
Should Critical ICS Be Managed Through Mobile Devices? Attack Tree Analysis May Provide the Answer (Available)
Terry Ingoldsby, Amenaza Technologies
Resilient Control Systems: Consideration of Diverse Requirements (Not Available)
Dr. Craig Rieger, Idaho National Laboratory
Building an ICS Security Framework for Industrial Organizations (Available)
Ernie Hayden, Securicon
Simple Techniques – Powerful Results (Not Available)
Sandra Bittner, Arizona Public Service
Defining and Analyzing ICS-Specific Vulnerabilities (Not Available)
Sean McBride, Critical Intelligence
Follow-up on Japan’s Control Systems Security Center (CSSC) Efforts Since 2012 (Available)
Dr. Kazutaka Matsuzaki, CSSC
Souichi Watanabe, CSSC
Hideaki Kobayashi, CSSC
Cybersecurity Return on Investment (Not Available)
Bernie Pella, Schneider Electric
Nature of Insider Threat (Available)
Phil M., CPNI UK
DHS Science and Technology Discussion on ICS Technology Advancements (Not Available)
Dr. Doug Maughan, DHS / S&T
Solving the Cyber-Detection Gap with Physics-Based Integrity Assessment (Available)
Thurston Brooks, PFP Cybersecurity
Alan Hinton, PFP Cybersecurity
Demonstration: ICS-Village (Available)
Corey Thuen, Southfork Security
Kenneth Shaw, Southfork Security
Bryan Hatton, Idaho National Laboratory
Anthony Persi, Mandiant
Exploit Demonstration (Not Available)
Idaho National Laboratory
Whitepaper submitted in conjunction with the Fall Meeting:
Machine-to-Machine Exchange of Cyber Threat Information: a Key to Mature Cyber Defense (Available)
Daniel Harkness, Chris Strasburg, and Scott Pinkerton