Presents articles related to the Design phase of the Software Development Life Cycle.

Title Updated
Secure Software Development Life Cycle Processes 2013-07-31
"Security Concepts, Challenges, and Design Considerations for Web Services Integration" 2013-07-02
Supply-Chain Risk Management: Incorporating Security into Software Development 2013-07-02
Modeling Tools References 2013-05-15
General Modeling Concepts 2013-05-14
"Assembly, Integration, and Evolution Overview" 2013-05-14
Design Principles 2013-05-13
Separation of Privilege 2013-05-10
Securing the Weakest Link 2013-05-10
Reluctance to Trust 2013-05-10
Psychological Acceptability 2013-05-10
Promoting Privacy 2013-05-10
Never Assuming That Your Secrets Are Safe 2013-05-10
Least Privilege 2013-05-10
Least Common Mechanism 2013-05-10
Failing Securely 2013-05-10
Economy of Mechanism 2013-05-10
Complete Mediation 2013-05-10
Introduction to Modeling Tools for Software Security 2012-06-24
Application Firewalls and Proxies - Introduction and Concept of Operations 2008-09-27
Defense in Depth 2005-09-13