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Evidence of Assurance: Laying the Foundation for a Credible Security Case 2014-11-04
Arguing Security - Creating Security Assurance Cases 2014-11-04
Security and Project Management 2013-08-06
The Development of a Graduate Curriculum for Software Assurance 2013-07-31
Teaching Security Requirements Engineering Using SQUARE 2013-07-31
Development of a Master of Software Assurance Reference Curriculum 2013-07-31
Phkmalloc 2013-07-31
What Measures Do Vendors Use for Software Assurance? 2013-07-31
Tooling in Support of Common Criteria Evaluation of a High Assurance Operating System 2013-07-25
Improving Software Assurance 2013-07-05
Scale: System Development Challenges 2013-07-05
Predictive Models for Identifying Software Components Prone to Failure During Security Attacks 2013-07-03
Measuring The Software Security Requirements Engineering Process 2013-07-03
Incident Management 2013-07-02
System-of-Systems Influences on Acquisition Strategy Development 2013-07-02
Supply-Chain Risk Management: Incorporating Security into Software Development 2013-07-02
Finding a Vendor You Can Trust in the Global Marketplace 2013-07-02
Assuring Software Systems Security: Life Cycle Considerations for Government Acquisitions 2013-07-02
Building Security into the Business Acquisition Process 2013-07-02
Maturity of Practice 2013-05-23
Integrating Software Assurance Knowledge into Conventional Curricula 2013-05-23
Individual Certification of Security Proficiency for Software Professionals: Where Are We? Where Are We Going? 2013-05-21
How Much Security Is Enough? 2013-05-21
Business Case 2013-05-21
Adapting Penetration Testing for Software Development Purposes 2013-05-21
Making the Business Case for Software Assurance 2013-05-21
Requirements Engineering Annotated Bibliography 2013-05-21
Defining the Discipline of Secure Software Assurance: Initial Findings from the National Software Assurance Repository 2013-05-21
Vstr 2013-05-20
Building a Body of Knowledge for ICT Supply Chain Risk Management 2013-05-16
The Software Assurance Competency Model: A Roadmap to Enhance Individual Professional Capability 2013-05-16
Modeling Tools References 2013-05-15
Software Assurance Education Overview 2013-05-15
Deployment and Operations References 2013-05-14
Assurance Cases Overview 2013-05-14
Assessing Security Risk In Legacy Systems 2013-05-14
Security Considerations in Managing COTS Software 2013-05-14
Software Security in Legacy Systems 2013-05-14
Attack Pattern Glossary 2013-05-14
Foundations for Software Assurance 2013-05-14
Two Nationally Sponsored Initiatives for Disseminating Assurance Knowledge 2013-05-14
Getting Secure Software Assurance Knowledge into Conventional Practice 2013-05-14
A Systemic Approach for Assessing Software Supply-Chain Risk 2013-05-14
General Modeling Concepts 2013-05-14
Further Information on Attack Patterns 2013-05-14
SEI: Coding Practices 2013-05-14
Deploying and Operating Secure Systems 2013-05-14
"Assembly, Integration, and Evolution Overview" 2013-05-14
Infusing Software Assurance (SwA) into Introductory Computer Science Curricula 2013-05-14
Acquisition Overview: The Challenges 2013-05-14
strncpy() and strncat() 2013-05-14
Framing Security as a Governance and Management Concern: Risks and Opportunities 2013-05-14
Governance and Management References 2013-05-14
Security Is Not Just a Technical Issue 2013-05-13
It’s a Nice Idea but How Do We Get Anyone to Practice It? A Staged Model for Increasing Organizational Capability in Software Assurance 2013-05-13
Source Code Analysis Tools - References 2013-05-13
Introduction to System Strategies 2012-06-27
Introduction to Modeling Tools for Software Security 2012-06-24
Security-Specific Bibliography 2012-06-20
Security Requirements Engineering 2010-07-14
Code Analysis - References 2008-11-03
Software Engineering Bibliography 2008-09-29
The Role of Computer Security Incident Response Teams in the Software Development Life Cycle 2008-08-20
System Strategies References 2007-05-17
Defining Computer Security Incident Response Teams 2007-01-24
Attack Pattern References 2006-11-07
The Influence of System Properties on Software Assurance and Project Management 2006-02-06
Architectural Risk Analysis - Business Case 2005-11-04
Architectural Risk Analysis - References 2005-11-04
Source Code Analysis Tools - Business Case 2005-09-28
Trustworthy Composition: The System Is Not Always the Sum of Its Parts 2005-09-28
Risk Management Framework Glossary 2005-09-21
Risk Management Framework: Business Case 2005-09-21
Risk Management Framework References 2005-09-21