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James McCurley

Jim McCurley is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff for the Software Engineering Measurement and Analysis (SEMA) group within the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

His areas of expertise include data analysis, statistical modeling, and empirical research methods. During his eight years at the SEI, Jim has worked in the areas of risk management, goal-driven measurement, and statistical process control. From 1999-2004, Jim also worked as a member of the Technical Analysis Team for the CERT Analysis Center. The team developed tools and techniques for the identification and remediation of threats to very large scale government and military networks and worked with the DoD JTF-GNO, DoD CERT, NSA, and NIPC. Prior to joining the SEI, Jim consulted on projects with several governmental agencies and corporations, including NOAA, EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, the Pennsylvania Governor's Energy Council and Science Advisory Board, the Batelle Institute, Martin-Marietta Environmental Research, the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's transplant program and Center for Medical Ethics. He began programming computers for mathematical and scientific problem-solving in 1966 and has taught courses in Fortran, Pascal, Lisp, APL, and other languages and packages at Carnegie Mellon University.