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Don O'Neill

Don O’Neill is a seasoned software engineering manager and technologist. Following his twenty-seven year career with IBM’s Federal Systems Division, Mr. O’Neill completed a three-year residency at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI) under IBM’s Technical Academic Career Program and also served as an SEI Visiting Scientist.

As an independent consultant, Mr. O’Neill conducts defined programs for managing strategic software spanning competitiveness, security, and process improvement. As an expert witness, he provides testimony on the state of the practice in developing and fielding large scale industrial software and the complex factors that govern their outcome. As an inventor, he has two patents pending. One, trademark registered “Trusted Pipe,” is entitled “Business Management and Procedures Involving Intelligent Middleman,” an apparatus and method for the inside track to offshore outsourcing. The other, trademark pending “Smart Pipe,” is entitled “Business Management and Procedures Involving a Smart Pipe of Tiered Innovation Management Teams,” an apparatus and method for harvesting ideas as intellectual property from knowledge workers on projects, whether onshore or offshore.

In his IBM career, Mr. O’Neill completed assignments in management, technical performance, and marketing in a broad range of applications including space systems, submarine systems, military command and control systems, communications systems, and management decision support systems. He was awarded IBM’s Outstanding Contribution Award three times.

Mr. O’Neill served on the Executive Board of the IEEE Software Engineering Technical Committee and as a Distinguished Visitor of the IEEE. He is a founding member of the Washington DC Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN) and served as the President of the Center for National Software Studies (CNSS) during 2005 to 2008. Mr. O’Neill has a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.