Christopher Alberts

Christopher Alberts is a senior cyber security analyst in the CERT® Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

He has 26 years of experience in software engineering and information technology, with particular emphasis on software assurance and cyber security. At the SEI, Alberts leads applied research and development projects in the field of measurement and analysis. He has developed practical and innovative methods, tools, and techniques that have been applied by people throughout government and industry organizations, both nationally and internationally. He has also co-authored two books, Managing Information Security Risks: The OCTAVESM Approach (Addison-Wesley 2002) and Continuous Risk Management Guidebook (Software Engineering Institute 1996). Prior to joining the SEI, Alberts worked at Carnegie Mellon Research Institute, where he developed autonomous robots for hazardous environments, and at AT&T Bell Laboratories, where he helped automate AT&T’s manufacturing processes. He has BS and ME degrees in engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.