Charles B. Weinstock

Chuck Weinstock is a senior member of the technical staff in the System of Systems Software Assurance Initiative within the Research Technology and System Solutions Program at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon. His interests are in the area of dependable computing, with a recent emphasis on assurance cases.

In over 25 years at the SEI, Weinstock has worked in the areas of model-based verification, fault tolerant computing, open source software, distributed real-time systems, and architecture analysis.

Weinstock's interest in fault tolerant computing began while he was at SRI International, where he was the principle software designer and implementer of the SIFT (software implemented fault tolerance) system. Weinstock has also worked at Tartan Laboratories and Illinois Institute of Technology.

Weinstock has a PhD in Computer Science, an MS in Industrial Administration, and a BS in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon.